• Proactive monitoring

                        View app performance, system behavior, and unusual activity across the stack. Monitor key resources and metrics and eliminate issues before they affect users.

                      • Troubleshooting with logs

                        Trace issues down to their root cause. See how your components interact, identify correlations, and share findings with your team.

                      • DevOps integrations

                        Work better as a team using data and analysis within DevOps tools. Loggly integrates with Slack, HipChat, GitHub, Jira, PagerDuty, and more.

                      • Data analysis and reporting

                        Analyze and visualize your data to answer key questions, track SLA compliance, and spot trends. Loggly simplifies investigation and KPI reporting.

                      Loggly for enterprises

                      Our multi-tenant SaaS provides a secure, fast, scalable, and highly available solution to meet the highest standards while keeping TCO low.

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                      Loggly 3.0 charts give us a variety of ways to quickly visualize data, and its dashboards let us organize this data in the most useful ways for detecting and understanding the problems that arise in software and infrastructure. This is the latest example of how Loggly continues to improve.

                      Ryan Jung Site Reliability Engineer, ClearCare

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                      Stunning charts bring context to individual data points. Correlate metrics and logs for faster analysis and deeper insight. Get alerts when application behaviors deviate from the norm.

                      Get visibility into systems, apps, services, devices

                      Monitor, analyze, and optimize applications running on dynamic infrastructures like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others, hybrid clouds, microservices, devices, and IoT. Understand performance and identify root causes with data from the full stack and third-party services.

                      Easy integration with the DevOps toolchain

                      Easily share log analytics and insights, or even a real-time stream of log events, by connecting Loggly with the tools your teams use every day. Efficiently distribute alerts and create tickets. Integrate Loggly with your own software by using HTTP endpoints and our powerful API.

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                      Loggly works with your stack. Agent-free.

                      Loggly is a pure SaaS-based service that makes setup simple and scales with your needs. Any log data from any system can be collected, and, as Loggly uses open standards to transfer this data, there is no dependency on proprietary agents.

                      Clouds, containers, microservices, IoT. We have you covered.

                      Whether your system runs on a public or private cloud; on AWS, Azure, and others, or in your own data center; in a hybrid environment; on a device or inside a container; on Linux, Windows, Mac, or serverless—if it logs, it can log to Loggly.

                      See unified log analysis and monitoring for yourself.

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