Loggly is a cost-effective alternative to the Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana (ELK) stack, aka Elastic stack. Serving 10,000 customers and counting with SaaS log analysis and monitoring, Loggly offers predictable costs and a great user experience.

                      Make the best use of your internal resources

                      Fast searching. Automated parsing for intelligent analysis. Rich visualizations. Built-in alerting. We do it all for you so that you can concentrate on work that really matters: developing innovative software and serving your users.

                      Leave the tuning to us

                      No need to define your own Elasticsearch topology. No need to manage indices, cluster state, heap, or shards. No need to worry about memory issues cropping up at the worst possible times. We make it easy for you to grow your business, and we handle the inevitable spikes that come with managing log data.

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                      Loggly is a really good value. It’s fast, and it gives me the information that matters. With Loggly, we have a lot more capability than what we got from Kibana.

                      Adam Sunderland Chief Architect

                      Hassle-free setup and data analysis

                      Loggly provides easy configuration for dozens of log sources in our source setup wizard. Our service automatically parses data in real time as soon as it starts coming in.

                      DevOps integrations

                      Log monitoring is an integral part of running an effective DevOps team. Loggly offers integrations with Atlassian Jira, HipChat, New Relic, PagerDuty, Slack, VictorOps, and other solutions in your DevOps toolchain.

                      Pure SaaS

                      Loggly is 100% SaaS and offers a scalable, affordable business model that keeps your costs in check as you grow. It frees your people to do the work that differentiates your business.

                      Loggly has been very well received by the whole team, and it has lowered our operational overhead. The invoice amounts are close, but that doesn’t take into account the time my team would have to spend running our own log management solution.

                      Jeremy Koerber Senior Systems Engineer, Creative Market
                      • Proactive monitoring

                        View app performance, system behavior, and unusual activity across the stack. Monitor key resources and metrics and eliminate issues before they affect users.

                      • Troubleshooting with logs

                        Trace issues down to their root cause. See how components interact across your stack, identify correlations, view source code, and share findings with your team.

                      • Data analysis and reporting

                        Analyze and visualize your data to answer key questions, track SLA compliance, and spot trends. Loggly simplifies investigation and KPI reporting.

                      • DevOps integrations

                        Work better as a team using data and analysis within DevOps tools. Loggly integrates with Slack, HipChat, GitHub, Jira, New Relic, PagerDuty, and more.

                      • Loggly for enterprises

                        Our multi-tenant SaaS provides a secure, fast, scalable, and highly available solution to meet the highest standards while keeping TCO low.

                      How Loggly works.

                      See how easy it is to get started with Loggly and how it’s different from the ELK stack.

                      Let Loggly keep you focused on what you do best.

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