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                      Support Logging setup

                      KeyCDN Logs

                      Send Logs from KeyCDN to Loggly

                      KeyCDN lets you send the logs to Loggly with a few clicks. Their log format consists of detailed information about each HTTP request. It’s not one of our automatically parsed formats so it will show up as raw text and you can use our full text search. Please follow these steps to set up logging:

                      1. Configure KeyCDN

                      Login to your KeyCDN dashboard and go to “Account Settings” –> “Edit Log Settings”

                      Enter the following settings:
                      – Status: “enabled”
                      – Destination Server:
                      – Destination Port: 514
                      – Token: your customer token from the source setup page


                      2. Verify Events

                      Search Loggly events with the tag keycdn over the past 20 minutes. It may take few minutes to index the events. If it doesn’t work, see the troubleshooting section below.



                      If you don’t see any data show up in the verification step, then check for these common problems.

                      • Wait a few minutes in order to make sure the most recent changes have been propagated and that Loggly can start indexing your events.
                      • Please check the destination server, destination port and the Loggly token in the KeyCDN Dashboard.
                      • Verify that the token exists in the Loggly dashboard
                      • Make sure that you have traffic at all coming from this particular KeyCDN account
                      • Search or post your own questions in the community forum.
                      Thanks for the feedback! We'll use it to improve our support documentation.