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                      Extending Loggly: API Overview

                      Extending Loggly: API Overview

                      It all starts with our RESTful API…

                      Event Submission API
                      With our flexible API, it’s easy to send events to Loggly over either POST or GET.

                      Event Retrieval API
                      It’s easy to access your log data via the Loggly API. Integrate log data into other projects & platforms you’ve got going on.

                      Account Management
                      Fetch your Customer Token & other account information via the API.

                      Loggly Libraries Catalog
                      Open source libraries for our API in common languages like Java, Node.js, and more.

                      Rate Limiting
                      Each account has a limit on the number of API requests that can be sent. There is no limit on sending events, but there are limits on how often the API can be queried for retrieving events.


                      Response Codes

                      These are fairly standard HTTP/RESTful response codes. From time to time we'll use them in our replies to your queries.

                      Status Message Description
                      200 OK Indicates that the request was successful.
                      201 Created The object was successfully created. This is for a POST call.
                      204 Deleted The object was deleted. This pertains to DELETE calls.
                      400 Bad Request Check your request parameters. You might be using an unsupported parameter or have a malformed something or another.
                      401 Unauthorized The credentials you specified were invalid.
                      403 Forbidden User does not have privileges to execute the action.
                      404 Not Found The resource you have referenced could not be found.
                      409 Conflict/Duplicate There was some conflict. Most likely you are trying to create a resource that already exists.
                      410 Gone You have referenced an object that does not exist.
                      500 Internal Server Error There was an internal error processing your request. If the description is a timeout, you can try again.
                      501 Not Implemented You are trying to access functionality that is not implemented. Yet.
                      503 Throttled The server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server.
                      504 Gateway Timeout There was a network issue contacting the server. Try again later.
                      Thanks for the feedback! We'll use it to improve our support documentation.